A Graphical User Interface to an interval arithmetic evaluator which operates on general intervals (i.e. finite unions of connected sets of reals as described in the paper Interval Arithmetic: from Principles to Implementation by Hickey, Qun, van Emden This applet is implemented in entirely in JScheme using the java.math.BigDecimal package to implement rounded arithmetic operations.

Source code

  • opparse.scm -- an operator precedence grammar parse generator in Scheme
  • ereal.scm -- an implementation of extended reals on top of java.math.BigDecimal
  • gia.scm -- an implementation of general interval arithmetic operations
  • iaeval.scm -- an interval arithmetic evaluator on syntax trees
  • iaevaldemo.scm -- a GUI for the general interval arithmetic evaluator
  • iaevaldemo.html -- the webpage containing the GUI

Related papers

  • "Interval Arithmetic: from Principles to Implementation" (.ps.gz)
    by Hickey, Qun, van Emden
    Submitted to JACM

  • "Silk: A Playful Combination of Scheme and Java" (.ps)
    by Ken Anderson, Timothy J. Hickey, and Peter Norvig
    in Proceeedings of Scheme2000