Papers related to the implementation of interval arithmetic in interval.sourceforge.net

  • "Interval Arithmetic: from Principles to Implementation" (.ps.gz 96K)
    JACM Vol. 48, number 5, pages 1038-1068, September 2001
    by Timothy J. Hickey, Qun Ju, and Maarten H. van Emden
    Tech. Rep. CS-99-202, CS Dept. Brandeis U, July 1999.

  • "A Unified Framework for Interval Constraints and Interval Arithmetic",
    by Timothy J. Hickey, Maarten H. van Emden, and Huan Wu,
    in Principles and Practice of Constraint Programming -- CP98
    Michael Maher and Jean-Francois Puget (eds.), Springer-Verlag,
    Lecture Notes in Computer Science, v. 1520, pp. 250-264, 1998.
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